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How can you support Yellowwood Youth?

  •  Sponsor us - You can sponsor us to attend events, sponsor educational scholarships to further our founder's and team's education, nominate us for award opportunities, etc. If you would like to sponsor us, please email

  • Following on Social Media​​- By following us on social media, you can keep up to date on our projects and widen our base.

  • Listening to the Yellowwood Youth Podcast - By listening to the podcast, you can be donating to us! The podcast is sponsored by Anchor, so our 30 sec ad in the recording provides a passive donation.

  • Participating in + spreading the news of our future events and projects - Always in the works, the only way to make a wider audience aware of our information, projects, and events is if those that enjoy them attend and share information about them! 

  • Donate to our GoFundMe - We know we may not be at the top of your list in terms of donations in the current time. If you do choose to make a fiscal donation to our GoFundeMe, you can help us keep this website live and updated and directly support student initiatives around Indiana.​​​

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