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Indiana Summer Camps and School Clubs


This page is currently being worked on. You may not find everything you are looking for at the moment.

Camps & Programs

Separated by geographic region

Summer Camps + School Clubs: Programs

Bloomington, IN Area

School Clubs and Programs

Separated by geographic region, listed from youngest age group to oldest (Elementary-College)

Summer Camps + School Clubs: Programs

Bloomington, IN Area

Indiana University

  • IU Outdoor Adventures

  • Students for a New Green World (SNGW)

  • Students Producing Organics Under The Sun (SPROUTS)

  • Sierra Club Insipiring Connections

  • Net Impact: Sustainable Business Club

  • Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Association (EMSDA)

  • Reinvest IU

  • Global Brigades at IU

Bloomington High School South

  • SAGE (Students Advocating for a Greener Environment)

    • Rain Garden Restoration committee​

    • Composting Initiative

    • Elementary Outreach Initiative

  • NHS ( National Honor Society

    • Bottle Cap Project​

​Bloomington High School North

  •  Environmental Club

Jackson Creek Middle School


University of Evansville

  • Environmental Concerns Organization

Hanover College

  • Geology Club

  • Green Panthers

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