Yellowwood Youth Shoe Strike

Announcing our very first event for the Bloomington community: a shoe strike!

This event allows us to participate in climate advocacy without being in-person, puts a buffer in the fast fashion system we know to be environmentally hazardous, and gives back to the local community.

Feel free to share with friends and family! For more information on this type of event, check out this video of the event in Sweden, and the catch up with the updates on the West Lafayette Climate Strike Instagram for their Shoe Strike Event.

The donation dates have passed.

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Updated 9/18 at 2 pm


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Lizzie Allen

I’m a senior at Bloomington High School South, and I’m super excited to be helping Yellowwood Youth! I enjoy ruining the food I’m cooking, shredding on electric bass, and being in nature, whether I’m hiking or hitting the trails on my mountain bike. I plan to study journalism and sports media in college, and do something in the sports media field after school. I can’t wait to help Yellowwood Youth do great things! 


Katrine Bruner

I like to play viola in my free time, spend time outdoors, hike, read, write and cuddle kitties. I will be going to New College of Florida in Sarasota next fall for Marine Biology with other interests as well. 

Neylan Visnius

I'm a high school senior in love with the outdoors and you'll often find me goofing off in the woods or on the river somewhere. My primary goal is to help maintain the health and accessibility of our natural spaces, so I'm stoked to be working with Yellowwood Youth!

These amazing women are helping make the shoe strike happen! They are the ones who put out the boxes in the morning and took them home in the evening. A huge thank you to them for volunteering their time to support this initiative.

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