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"Why Climate Justice needs every mind on Earth..." - Article by Amath Diouf

I wanted to share a little info on why I feel climate justice needs every mind on earth. One of the best ways I think that people can unite is by understanding that our common ground is the beautiful earth we live on.

We have to understand that we are all on earth. This is the only home we've ever truly known. We as humans have loved, laughed, and cried on this planet. If someone were to explain existence to another, they couldn't do so without bringing up this wondrous blue marble filled with the many parameters and aspects that make life possible. I feel that this reminder can strengthen our sense of care for our planet because it can help us tap into why planet earth is so beautiful.

We exist on a planet where its natural systems have sustained life on earth for centuries. If we continue to exploit the earth and its natural resources for short-term gain, future generations will not be able to understand the beauty and benefit that this earth was designed with. A famous Cree Indian proverb comes to mind when I think of just how important the earth is to our well-being. "When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.” I believe that we are givers at heart. By following the natural rhythm of the systems that give back, we can work towards making this wondrous blue marble a world of harmony.

Together, we can continue being care-takers, stand up for social and environmental justice, and encourage collective growth. We have to realize that without clean air, clean water, and sufficient shelter, and security, all our lives are at risk regardless of where we fall on the debate of climate change. By putting these necessities forward, we can work cohesively in dismantling systems that have oppressed communities of our global family that have taken on 80% of the climate justice work (i.e. Indigenous Peoples). By putting our planet first, we bring all living beings to the forefront of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Realizing what we have in common sparks the feeling of empathy, that I believe can also break down barriers that have predominantly impacted the Black communities as well POC communities. Recognizing that Earth is our one true home means that the humans on this planet are our one true family. Empathy opens the door to understanding intersectionality, and moving forward as one beautiful collective.

I hope that this reminder helps us connect and love one another for a safer, more sustainable future.

- Amath Diouf; Writer and Environmental Advocate -

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