Native Plants and Regenerative Agriculture

Native Plants

Find native plants registries and learn why they are important to our ecosystems.

Regenerative Agriculture + Soil Health Resources

Find organizations that support soil health and promote regenerative agriculture.

Native Plants


Regenerative Agriculture + Soil Health Resources

Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground offers soil advocate training and soil health education. Their courses include business training, leadership training, and gardening courses. Head over to their website to find out about their initiatives and opportunities.

Purdue University

Purdue University has a large online regenerative agriculture database that provides resources to the public. Check out their student farm, organic resources, and their main agriculture web-page. Click the button below for a compiled soil health resources document.

Indiana State Department of Agriculture

The Indiana Dept of Agriculture provides multiple resources for the public and organizes groups to common missions within the state. Check out the Division of Soil page, review their Soil Health Philosophy,  and learn about the State Soil Conservation Board.

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