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Making Mats for the Homeless

Our newest project reduces plastic waste and helps our local community. We are using plastic bags to make mats for those experiencing homeless in our area. Community members donate their plastic grocery bags and our volunteers braid them into sleeping mats. Read below on why these mats are so useful.

Feel free to share with friends and family! If you'd like to help us out or try this idea on your own, here is a video on how to braid the mats and here is a video on how to tie off the ends. Fill out this google form if you are interested in volunteering.

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Plastic Bags Used

Updated 6/26 at 4:30 pm


Plastic Bags

Benefits of Plastic Bag Mats

By using plastic bags as the material for mats, we aren't just keeping plastic out of our landfills and marine ecosystems. As sleeping mats, they are hygienic, water proof, easily transportable, and provide protection from cold or hot surfaces. 

Plastic does not degrade easily, so these mats are long lasting. Along with being easy to clean, they do not attract bugs, so these mats will help protect against disease and sickness, a welcome benefit during Covid-19.



These amazing volunteers are helping make the shoe strike happen! They are the ones who make the mats! A huge thank you to them for volunteering their time to support this initiative.


Naomi Charlesworth

I am a high school senior, and in my free time I love to do anything art related. I really enjoy volunteering and I’m very excited to be helping Yellowwood Youth with this project!


Isabella Crespo

I am a sophomore at Bloomington High School North. I am interested in public policy and environmental justice.





Photos of the event

Watch the project grow on social media or check out pictures here.

How to make the mats

How to make the mats

Want to make the mats on your own? Want to volunteer? Here are the steps to the process. When you fill out the volunteer form, check which steps you want to help out with.

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