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Announcing our newest project... an Ebook of art & writing from youth around the state!


A collection of art and writing from youth Elementary-High School, on the environment, nature, and climate change.



If you are within the age range of elementary-high school than you can submit your work to be included in the project! Your work will always stay yours and your name will be next to it whenever it is used.


Either submit your piece through the contact box below or email your submission as a google doc or a pdf file to yellowwoodyouthin@gmail.com

Make sure to follow the instructions below on email submissions.


There is a rolling deadline for submissions, so submit at any time!


# 1: Give youth the opportunity to have their work published and provide a sense of community around the state of Indiana relating to the environment.

#2: Show those outside of our generation what we care about, why we care about it, and why they should as well.

#3: Provide a creative outlet of activism.

Needs some Ideas?

Check out this list and get creative:

1. Write a poem about your favorite place in nature.

2. Make a sign for a climate strike.

3. Bake a cake and decorate it with art depicting the environment.

4. Write an essay on why people should care about a particular aspect of environmental concern.

5. Create a makeup look.

6. Write a letter to a politician, the next generation, or Earth itself.

7. Create a painting, drawing, collage, or digital piece of artwork.

8. Write about a personal experience that impacted you.

9. Share photographs you've taken of nature and write a blurb about why you enjoy that place or piece of nature.

10. Any way you can think of to express your feelings, opinions, or experiences! Get creative!

Submit Here

** School name will not be included in the ebook, it is to verify you are within the age range for the project and will not be used publicly.

** Enter a link if you are submitting a google-based entry or the source is able to be linked. Make sure anyone with the link is able to view the document.

If you are submitting a photograph of your artwork, please email it to yellowwoodyouthin@gmail.com

Email Submission Instructions:

  • Subject Line “Project Submission(s)”

  • Title of file: “Name - City: Title of Piece”

  • Include in document:

    • Name (if you wish to leave your last name out, you may)​

    • School (will not be made public or published)

    • City (must be in Indiana)

Painting of Nature from a West Lafayette Student

A reflection from Christine Habib.

A cake decorated by Ella Hook and Cata Posada.

A poem to Earth from Annabel Prokopy.

A collage of clouds from Hanna Morris.

Vegan Cookies from Julie Engers, West Lafayette

Flash Fiction from Elina Gorenstein, West Lafayette

Digital art from Juna Park

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