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Josie Sparks

Founder/Executive Director

Josie is a senior at Bloomington High School South who plans to study Environmental Science in college. She grew up in southern Indiana going to Sailing Camp and Environmental Explorers Camp which fostered her love for the environment. She has played viola for 8 years, loves writing of all kinds, and enjoys teaching those younger than herself. Josie was a Finalist for Project Green Challenge and was awarded Co-Third Place, and has also interned for Turning Green, the organization that inspired Yellowwood Youth.

Shoe Strike Helpers


Lizzie Allen

I’m a senior at Bloomington High School South, and I’m super excited to be helping Yellowwood Youth! I enjoy ruining the food I’m cooking, shredding on electric bass, and being in nature, whether I’m hiking or hitting the trails on my mountain bike. I plan to study journalism and sports media in college, and do something in the sports media field after school. I can’t wait to help Yellowwood Youth do great things! 


Katrine Bruner

I like to play viola in my free time, spend time outdoors, hike, read, write and cuddle kitties. I will be going to New College of Florida in Sarasota next fall for Marine Biology with other interests as well. 


Neylan Visnius

I'm a high school senior in love with the outdoors and you'll often find me goofing off in the woods or on the river somewhere. My primary goal is to help maintain the health and accessibility of our natural spaces, so I'm stoked to be working with Yellowwood Youth!

Mats for the Homeless Helpers


Naomi Charlesworth

I am a high school senior, and in my free time I love to do anything art related. I really enjoy volunteering and I’m very excited to be helping Yellowwood Youth with this project!


Isabella Crespo

I am a sophomore at Bloomington High School North. I am interested in public policy and environmental justice.




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