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Community + School Gardens

Map of Community Gardens in Indiana (Currently under Reconstruction)

From: Yellowwood Youth

Community Gardens are pinned as locations on this map to allow people to find a garden near them to contribute to. Living in a city or without being able to buy supplies for a successful garden, community gardens allow for people to enjoy and contribute to a garden without having to manage it. Find a community garden near you by clicking on the map.

School Garden Highlight

Child's Elementary School Garden

2211 S High St, Bloomington, IN 47401

Child's Elementary School is a zero food waste facility! Teacher Beth Smith and her students as well as the bi-annual garden club take care of the composting operations and managing the garden. They grow a variety of vegetables and plants in their garden, including peppers, tomatoes, and an invasion of pumpkin in the greenhouse.

IMG-2089 (1).JPG
IMG-2083 (1).JPG

Community Garden of the Month

Willie Streeter Community Gardens
2120 S Highland Ave, Bloomington, IN

This community garden in Bloomington, Indiana is called Willie Streeter Community Gardens. They have 176 garden plots and provide tools to the public to garden. They have composting facilities and teaching opportunities for kids, groups, and organizations.

For more information, go to or contact (812)-349-3705

willie steeter gardens.jpg
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