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Composting How-To + and Importance

Community + School Gardens

Native Plants + Regenerative Agriculture

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A Guide to On-Site Composting in Schools

A Guide to Creating a Community Garden

A Guide to Organic Gardening for Beginners

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Community Garden of the Month

Willie Streeter Community Gardens
2120 S Highland Ave, Blomington, IN, 47401

This community garden in Bloomington, Indiana is called Willie Streeter Community Gardens. They have 176 garden plots and provide tools to the public to garden. They have composting facilities and teaching opportunities for kids, groups, and organizations.

For more information, go to or contact (812)-349-3705

Interactive Food Recovery + Compost Services Map

From: The Indiana Food Scrap Initiative

Check off the boxes for the sites you want to find nearest to you in this interactive map. Find composting services, yard waste disposal, food donation locations, and more.

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