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Up Next: The E-Book

Announcing our first statewide initiative: an E-book!

Students aged Elementary-12th Grade can submit their works of art or writing to be included in our E-book.​ Teachers may submit for their students if parents/guardians allow. Submit your work through the form on the E-book webpage.

Scroll through the slides to see some examples of submissions. Our favorites will receive eco-prizes. 

Topics: Related to the environment, nature, and climate change. 

To teachers and organization leaders: reach out if you would like a YY volunteer to lead a creative session with your students.

Learn more from the images in the gallery.

An Ongoing Project: Making Mats

Keeping plastic out of our oceans and helping our local community!

Our newest project reduces plastic waste and helps our local community. We are using plastic bags to make mats for those experiencing homeless in our area. Community members donate their plastic grocery bags and our volunteers braid them into sleeping mats. These mats protect from harsh surfaces, they are easy to clean, and they last for long periods of time.

Feel free to share with friends and family! If you'd like to help us out or try this idea on your own, here is a video on how to braid the mats and here is a video on how to tie off the ends. Fill out this google form if you are interested in volunteering.

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Plastic Bags Used

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Plastic Bags

Photos from the event: