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Up Next: The E-Book

Announcing our first statewide initiative: an E-book!

Students aged Elementary-12th Grade can submit their works of art or writing to be included in our E-book.​ Teachers may submit for their students if parents/guardians allow. Submit your work through the form on the E-book webpage.

Scroll through the slides to see some examples of submissions. Our favorites will receive eco-prizes. 

Topics: Related to the environment, nature, and climate change. 

To teachers and organization leaders: reach out if you would like a YY volunteer to lead a creative session with your students.

Learn more from the images in the gallery.

An Ongoing Project: Making Mats

Keeping plastic out of our oceans and helping our local community!

Our newest project reduces plastic waste and helps our local community. We are using plastic bags to make mats for those experiencing homeless in our area. Community members donate their plastic grocery bags and our volunteers braid them into sleeping mats. These mats protect from harsh surfaces, they are easy to clean, and they last for long periods of time.

Feel free to share with friends and family! If you'd like to help us out or try this idea on your own, here is a video on how to braid the mats and here is a video on how to tie off the ends. Fill out this google form if you are interested in volunteering.

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Plastic Bags Used

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Plastic Bags

Photos from the event:

The Results are in: The Shoe Strike

Announcing our very first event for the Bloomington community: a shoe strike!

This event allowed us to participate in climate advocacy without being in-person, puts a buffer in the fast fashion system we know to be environmentally hazardous, and gives back to the local community.

People in our community donated their shoes by putting them in boxes set around town, and we set them out in a climate "strike". Afterwards, we donated them to 12+ local charities based on their wishlists. 

The dates to donate shoes have passed. Learn how to replicate this event here.

Athletic Shoes

Shoe Counter

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Pairs of Shoes

Photos from the event:

"Unless someone like you cares a whole, awful lot, nothing is going to get better it's not."

Dr. Suess

Creating Resources & Opportunities

The tabs linked below share Yellowwood Youth Original content, created by Yellowwood Youth for the citizens of Indiana. Click the button below to go to the Main "Just Us" Page.

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The Yellowwood Youth Shoe Strike

Announcing our first event: a shoe strike! This event allows us to participate in climate advocacy without being in-person, puts a buffer in the fast fashion system we know to be environmentally hazardous, and gives back to the local community.

Yellowwood Youth Podcast

The Yellowwood Youth Podcast

Yellowwood Youth interviews the leaders of environmental organizations around the state of Indiana -and the country- to highlight ways to get involved and make a difference. It can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and many other streaming platforms. Check out descriptions of each episode by clicking the button below.

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Yellowwood Youth E-Book

We are working with students from The West Lafayette Climate Strike to curate a collection of art and writing from youth Kindergarten-High School in Indiana about nature, the environment, and climate change.

Submit your work today!

Yellowwood Youth Blog

The Yellowwood Youth Blog

This is the Yellowwood Youth blog. It includes reviews of events we attend, reflections on related topics, and updates on our work. You can get email notifications for when a new blog post goes up.

Providing Resources for Existing Opportunities

Explore the pages below to discover what if offered across the state of Indiana, and to youth in our state, in relation to topics connected to the environment, sustainability, and climate change.

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All Things Gardening

Looking for a community garden near you? Wanting to improve your home garden? Through topics like soil health and regenerative agriculture, take a look at All Things Gardening.

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Opportunities for Youth